Cognitive Decline

The fear of cognitive decline

I don’t remember my maternal grandmother. At the age of 61, when I was a year old, she died of what today would have been diagnosed as Alzheimer’s disease. My own mother watched helplessly as she declined day by day further into the abyss that, for most of us, is our greatest fear when it comes to aging.

I was probably in my late teens or early 20s when I recognized that my grandmother’s fate might actually be my mother’s, or mine! I remember feeling worried every time my mother mixed up the names of her children, or forgot her purse somewhere. And as I get closer to the age where the prospect of dementia is more and more likely, I question all my cognitive symptoms. Is that brain fog from a bad night’s sleep, or is my brain shrinking? Did I forget that appointment because I’m juggling my family’s multiple schedules, or did a few more brain cells get disconnected by amyloid plaque build-up?

The Shortcomings of Pharmaceuticals 

Most of you know that conventional medicine has nothing to offer dementia patients. The last drug approved for Alzheimer’s was in 2003, and its benefits are extremely modest and very short-lived. Fortunately, the world of functional medicine and nutrition has much more to offer. It is not a quick-fix medication or supplement that you take regularly and magically watch your symptoms disappear. But if you are in the early stages of cognitive decline (and frankly, that process begins for anyone over the age of 40, even if it goes unnoticed), we can identify a personalized protocol that will halt its progress and, yes, quite possibly reverse the symptoms. The first step? Addressing the health of the gut.

A lifestyle based approach

Dr. Dale Bredesen is internationally recognized as an expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. He has developed a nutrition/lifestyle based protocol to improve cognition and reverse cognitive decline if caught in fairly early stages.
This protocol, personalized to the unique circumstances of each individual, has helped hundreds of people avoid and reverse symptoms of dementia. See the video below for the inspiring story of a 69 year old woman’s experience with the protocol.

I would be honored to help you or your family member begin the process of preventing or reversing cognitive decline. It can be difficult to implement these changes, but together we’ll discover a plan that works for your physiology, your lifestyle and your food preferences.