Depression and Anxiety

Getting to the root of depression

Depression and anxiety are symptoms of many health conditions. In the vast majority of cases, perhaps all, they are not actual diseases. This is not to say that people experiencing depression and anxiety are not suffering; indeed they are. But, the theory that depression is caused by “a chemical brain imbalance” has been forcefully challenged and continues to be challenged more and more. If you are battling depression and anxiety, it is crucial that the source of these symptoms be uncovered and addressed before you can successfully achieve a long-term, sustainable recovery.

What does healing look like?

While antidepressants do suppress symptoms for some people, they do not create healing. Essentially, these medications produce a chemically-induced “new-normal.” And that “new-normal” state is not optimal – that is, it doesn’t get close to getting you to a state where you are living your best life. I believe this can only happen if you address root causes. Masking the symptoms only provides temporary benefit. And there are real risks to anti-depressant medications: reduced blood clotting capacity, tics, loss of fine motor control, diminished sexual interest, drug interactions, loss of effectiveness, and increased risk of suicide.

The dangers of inflammation

The conventional response of prescribing medication is based on the “chemical imbalance” theory of depression. More and more studies support the notion that it is actually inflammation that is at the root of depression, as it is for so many chronic health conditions. And the source of much of that inflammation? The gut!

The good news is that we can restore gut health and lead you to a state of mind that is much more desirable than that which is achieved through the use of medications. Whether you are already on an anti-depressant, or are reluctant to use them, we can address depression and other mental health symptoms by treating, protecting, and nourishing the gut.

If you are someone who wants to get off the anti-depressant roller coaster, proceed with caution! You must first get yourself, especially your gut, as healthy as possible. And even then, you want to be very slow and methodical as you taper from the medication(s). Please do so under the guidance of an experienced caregiver. I would be happy to help.