Gut Health

It all starts with the gut

Hippocrates got it right! The health of your gut is central to your health in general. Cognitive decline? It starts in the gut. Autoimmune conditions? Check the gut. Anxiety and depression? You got it…something is off with the gut. No matter the health condition, the health of the gut plays a crucial role.

It really makes perfect sense. All of our cells, regardless of location or function in our body, need nutrients. If they don’t get those nutrients, they become damaged. And if we want to repair at least some of the damage that has been done, we have to get the right nutrients flowing to those cells again. Of course, what you put on the end of the fork is the first step. But most of us have guts that are in no condition to digest and absorb that food so that we can begin to heal.

But each of us is unique – the current state of your gut will look very different from mine. Before we can make any progress on improving your health condition, we have to figure out what is going on in your gut, in your digestive tract, that might be preventing the good nutrients from reaching your cells, or allowing toxins to reach places that the immune system in your gut is supposed to block.